Based in this new valley of your own River Neris, your website is a complex ens”

Governmental hub of your own Grand Duchy away from Lithuania throughout the 13th to the stop of your 18th century, Vilnius has experienced a serious impact on the fresh new cultural and you will structural growth of most of east Europe. Even with invasions and you can limited destruction, it”,,1994. ,(ii)(iv),C,C,0 worldheritagesites.594,Section (5556 7778),1317,1137,Kernav? Archaeological Webpages (Cultural Put aside from Kernav?),5556,7778,Lithuania,European countries and you can America,,”

People habitation of this elongated sand dune peninsula, 98 kilometer much time and 0

The fresh Kernav? Archaeological website, regarding thirty-five kilometer north-west of Vilnius when you look at the east Lithuania, signifies an excellent testimony to a few 10 millennia of people settlements here.

Standards (iii): The fresh archaeological website of Kernave presents an exceptional testimony into evolution away from people agreements regarding the Baltic region inside the European countries over that point of a few 10 millennia. This site has exceptional proof of the fresh contact,2004. 194.4,(iii)(iv),C,C,0 worldheritagesites.595,Area (nine 8),1158,994,Curonian Saliva,9,8,”Lithuania,Russian Federation”,European countries and you can United states,,”

It was repeatedly reinforced since it passed from one high Eu capacity to various other: the brand new Holy”,,1994

4-4 kilometer wider, extends back to help you primitive times. Throughout the this period it’s been threatened of the sheer pushes from cinch and you may surf. The emergency to the current big date has been created”,

Requirement (v): The new Curonian Spit try an outstanding exemplory instance of a landscape regarding sand dunes that is below lingering possibility regarding best black hookup apps absolute forces (breeze and you may wave). Just after disastrous person interventions one menaced its survival brand new Saliva try reclaimed b,2000. 33021,(v),C,C,step 1 worldheritagesites.596,Point (six.13333 ),827,699,City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications,6.13333,,Luxembourg,European countries and you will North america,,”

For its strategic reputation, Luxembourg is actually, throughout the sixteenth millennium until 1867, when the walls were dismantled, certainly one of Europe’s greatest strengthened internet sites. ,(iv),C,C,0 worldheritagesites.597,Point ( -2222),1434,1257,Rainforests of one’s Atsinanana,,-2222,Madagascar,Africa,,

This new Rainforests of your Atsinanana comprise six federal parks marketed collectively the latest east an element of the area. These types of relict forests are significantly essential keeping constant environmental process necessary for the fresh endurance out-of Madagascars,,2007,,2010,,(ix)(x),Letter,ND,0 worldheritagesites.598,Part ( -7),576,494,Tsingy de Bemaraha Tight Nature Set aside,,-seven,Madagascar,Africa,rev,”

Tsingy de- Bemaraha Strict Nature Put aside comprises karstic terrain and you can limestone uplands slash with the epic ‘tsingy’ highs and you will a ‘forest’ out of limestone needles, the newest magnificent canyon of your Manambolo river, moving slopes and you may high highs. This new undist”,,1990. 152000,(vii)(x),N,N,0 worldheritagesites.599,Point (8 -7),1111,950,Royal Mountain off Ambohimanga,8,-7,Madagascar,Africa,,”

The Regal Mountain off Ambohimanga consists of a royal urban area and burial webpages, and you may an ensemble off sacred places. It is of this good feelings off national label, possesses handled their religious and sacred reputation both in ritual routine as well as the”,”

Requirement iii The Regal Slope regarding Ambohimanga is among the most tall icon of your own cultural name of those of Madagascar. Criterion iv The conventional framework, material, and design of Regal Mountain out-of Ambohimanga is user out of the brand new soci”,2001. 59,(iii)(iv)(vi),C,C,0 worldheritagesites.600,Part (3 -3),323,289,River Malawi National Playground,step 3,-3,Malawi,Africa,,”

Found at this new southern area stop of higher expanse out-of Lake Malawi, with its strong, clear waters and you can hill backdrop, the fresh new federal playground is home to of a lot countless seafood variety, quite a few of general. Their pros to the study of development is comparable”,,1984. 9400,(vii)(ix)(x),Letter,N,0 worldheritagesites.601,Point (6667 -3333),1450,476,Chongoni Stone-Artwork Urban area,6667,-3333,Malawi,Africa,rev,”

Created contained in this a group out-of forested granite slopes and you will covering an part of 126.4 km2, high up the newest plateau from main Malawi, the latest 127 web sites of this city ability the wealthiest intensity of material ways from inside the Main Africa. They mirror the comparatively south carolina”,,2006. 12640,(iii)(vi),C,C,0 worldheritagesites.602,Part (116.5 six.25),1182,1012,Kinabalu Park,116.5,six.25,Malaysia,Asia plus the Pacific,,”

Kinabalu Park, regarding the State off Sabah toward north avoid of the island regarding Borneo, is ruled from the Mount Kinabalu (4,095 yards), the highest slope amongst the Himalayas and you can The fresh Guinea. It has an extremely many habitats, out of steeped warm lowland and you may”,”