For a very outlined factor of one’s six darshanas, come across the Q&A great Booklet with the Hinduism: Brief Solutions to Real Concerns

  1. Vaisheshika
  2. Nyaya
  3. Sankhya
  4. Mimamsa otherwise Purva Mimamsa
  5. Yoga
  6. Vedanta (plus Advaita, Dvaita, and you can Vishishtadvaita)

Secret Hindu scriptures

Hinduism are high in scripture and boasts an intensive distinctive line of old religious website. This type of sacred texts is classified broadly towards a couple groups: Shruti and you will Smriti.

The expression Shruti literally form “heard” and you can include what Hindus faith to be endless truths akin to help you sheer law. Such texts are respected since the “revealed” otherwise divine when you look at the provider consequently they are believed to hold the foundational facts regarding Hinduism.

Another group of scripture are Smriti, and therefore literally function “memory,” that’s popular regarding Shruti with regards to the resource. Theories for the Smriti messages are meant to getting encourage adherents new eternal facts off Shruti, and study and you may translated in white out of altering points over kala (time), desha (land), and you can guna (personality).


Vedas: The word Veda mode “knowledge”. You’ll find four Vedas: Rig, Sama, Yajur and you may Atharva, at which the newest Rig veda ‘s the oldest.

Upanishads: These types of texts, numbering more than 100, have an extensive mining of ways of understanding the thinking, Jesus, while the character of the globe.


Puranas: Stories on the Puranas convert new significance of the old Shruti scriptures and you may teach them toward people by discussing the new lessons of the Vedas and you will Upanishads through reports and you may parables. There are 18 big Puranas (Mahapuranas) and lots of minor ones (upapuranas).

Ramayana: This popular epic informs living facts new commendable prince named Rama, exactly who Hindus faith to get an enthusiastic incarnation of the Divine. Prince Rama endures season out of exile and some hardships if you are ruining strong demons in advance of returning chinese men dating sites to signal their kingdom. There are many items of Ramayana, from which many well-known are those because of the fresh writer Sage Valmiki therefore the poet-saint Tulsidas.

Mahabharata: With more than 100,one hundred thousand verses, the newest Mahabharata is actually an old impressive, that is the longest poem the world has actually recognized. Considering a long dispute between a few twigs of your Kaurava household members, the newest Mahabharata is an effective trove out-of reports and discourses with the habit of dharma, for instance the importance of details, justice, self sacrifice, additionally the upholding away from dharma, the need for complete commitment in order to Jesus, together with ultimate futility regarding combat

Bhagavad-gita: The new Bhagavad gita was a first scripture getting Hindus. Though it was a small part of the Mahabharata and you may officially classed while the an excellent Smriti text message, it is typically accorded the brand new rank out-of a keen Upanishad. It is designed to let that understand that upholding dharma can be be challenging, especially in situations where there is not a clear correct otherwise incorrect.

Agama Shastras: Old and various, including of many which have been forgotten over the centuries, such texts manage practical regions of commitment and you may praise, as well as private and you will forehead traditions and techniques.

Hindu contributions regarding antiquity

As opposed to common thinking you to Hinduism is actually a strange faith entirely concerned with transcendental principles of religious routine, Hinduism has been an effective wellspring for huge benefits in order to around the world civilization comprising over four millennia.

Given that a spiritual habit hoping to see the endless secrets of existence, Hinduism is not a beneficial regressive or finalized dogma satisfied with historicentric perceptions of 1 holy publication. Actually, Hindus has actually looked the new mysteries of science, mathematics and you can astronomy so you can revel in this new magnificence of Production.

Epochal advances in the metallurgy, medication, grame of very early practitioners out-of Hinduism and its own scripture try replete that have practical and you can mystic findings.

The idea of zero (two hundred A great.D.). The current numerical and decimal program (300 B.C.E). The value of pi (497 A beneficial.D.). Section of an excellent triangle (476 Good.D.). Quadratic Formula (991 An effective.D.). Trigonometry.